Qualitative Research and Strategy


We are tenacious in solving for why.

Our creative qualitative research approach will provide you with understanding and insight.  Through the voice of the consumer, we help guide you and your brands.

Time is precious. Our focus groups are jam-packed. The research sessions have a lively pace so not a moment is wasted. Respondents have fun and engage.

Our goal is to glimpse inside consumers’ day to day lives, their hearts, and their heads. This leads to better understanding of what they want, what they believe, and why they do what they do. Understanding and respecting these behaviors and beliefs as they relate to your brand is the way to engage consumers to build brand affinity and resonace.


360 degree approach


Our goal is to provide you the very best qualitative consumer research and client service. Every study is custom designed in terms of methodology and participant grouping to best meet the research objectives. There are a wealth of creative techniques in our toolbox we use to draw out deep consumer insights and we are adept at developing new ones on the spot. We like to make our participants work a little harder for you and also have a little more fun.

We are experienced in a wide array of qualitative research methodologies leveraged independently or layered for a more holistic understanding of the consumer experience: 

  • Traditional focus groups

  • In depth interviews

  • Tele-depths

  • Research Walk-Abouts (shop alongs, directed ethnographies)

  • At home friend groups or family groups

  • In home product usage

  • Digital methodologies 



Eva Tomasco is the president/owner of  E T Insights, LLC. Her background includes over a decade of full service qualitative research consulting and she leverages an additional 10 years experience in key consumer research and brand management roles for global consumer products companies. She has managed core flagship brands, re-launched failing brands and introduced new products to the marketplace. Her background has led to her thorough understanding of the challenges facing brands and consumers today. She was a client, so she can think like a client, uncovering actionable and strategic insights.

Eva's consumer empathy and enthusiasm for research come through in her approach. Her experience with both core brands and new product development provide a tangible foundation for her expertise in studies involving positioning, branding, packaging, product trial and all modes of consumer communications and advertising.

Eva comfortably extracts candid conversation and skillfully “digs deep” with all types of respondents across age (tweens to boomers), gender, income level (the unemployed to C-Level executives) and ethnicity.

Eva is a graduate of Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and three sons. She enjoys hiking and swimming in the NY Finger Lake region, somewhat successful culinary experimentation and can hold her own in a light-saber dual.


“Your insight lead to a total strategy change based on a key product opportunity. Leading the revolution, revitalization and rejuvenation of American Icons that were unsupported for 40+ years means I have to select smart partners to help innovate and grow with. Eva was an easy selection, she offered great insight that lead to strategy changes. One is hitting the market in the next month, the other is still on the shelf. Amazing insight and happy to recommend her to anyone. But only if I don't need her first.”

Vice President of Marketing at New England Confectionery Company

"Eva is a top-notch research consultant and commands an expert understanding of what drives consumer purchase behaviors. She is also able to quickly assess the most important areas the client would like to explore and structure the appropriate methodology to obtain actionable results. I highly recommend Eva to any organization looking to further understand the qualitative consumer perceptions of their brand/product portfolio."

Brand Manager, Ferrero USA

“Eva is an extraordinary interviewer and group moderator because her gentle yet directive manner elicits extraordinary participation from respondents. She is deft at spontaneously following ‘leads’ in discussion and as deft at bringing straying respondents back to point. Eva is, in her own right, accomplished at strategy and so frames her work in this larger context.”

Owner of Cubism Branding

“Eva came in and quickly designed, moderated and analyzed a great piece of creative development research that provided the center of gravity for our pitch presentation.  Enthusiastic, creative and thorough Eva was my go-to person for the type of insight that never failed to unlock opportunity.”

Creative Planner & Founder at Ideas at the Intersection

“Eva is not only very bright and creative but is also a pleasure to work with.  She always ensures that recruitment is high-quality, that all logistics are smooth, and that at the end of a project, the report is very insightful and actionable.”

Manager, Marketing & Consumer Research



Have a particular challenge you’re trying to deal with? For more information or for a research proposal, please contact us. We look forward to the opportunity to become a trusted qualitative partner. Contact me today and see what I can do for you.

Eva Tomasco



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